Renewable Energy Products we Recommend

We have over 15 years experience in the renewable energy industry installing small and large scale solar projects nationwide. We are happy to install your preferred renewable energy products. Below are some of the brands we recommend and source at competitive rates from our trusted suppliers.


Enphase offer a fantastic range of microinverters. Their industry leading technology increases efficiency and energy generation from the solar panels. You can read more about Enphase products here.

Enphase Logo - Renewable Energy Products - Solar Energy Inverters installed across Kent, Medway and London by JLF Total Solutions


Fox produces a range of renewable energy products, including EV Charge Points, Inverters, Hybrid Inverters and Lithium Batteries.


GivEnergy is a British-owned battery storage manufacturer. They also make a range of Inverters, EV Charge Points and Voltage Optimisers. Their products are compatible with Octopus Energy and EON.

GIV Energy Solar Products - JLF Total Solutions - Solar Panel System installer in kent and medway


Growatt produces a range of residential and commercial solar energy products. This includes residential PV systems, commercial and utility PV systems, residential and off-grid storage systems, EV Charge Points and their integrated GroHome system.

Growatt - Solar panel and battery storage - Kent Solar Panel Installer - JLF


PylonTech boasts a wide range of products including solar panels, hybrid inverters, off-grid inverters, solar and & EV charge points, microinverters and installation components.

Pylon Tech - Renewable energy solutions -

Solar Edge

Solar Edge has an extensive product range, for both residential and commercial applications. Particularly strong on commercial projects, they offer a range of three-phase inverters, power optimisers, EV charge points and battery storage units.

Solar Edge - Medway Solar Panel Installer - JLF Total Solutions - Installation across Kent, London and south east England

Solax Power

Solax Products offers advanced single-phase hybrid inverters and batteries that seamlessly integrate solar power generation, energy storage, and grid supply, providing increased energy independence and efficiency for your solar energy system.

Solax Products