GivEnergy Products

A Smart Home Energy Management System for Grid Neutrality


GivEnergy products are an ideal solution to help reduce your energy costs. In today’s world, where energy consumption is increasing rapidly, it is essential to manage our energy consumption to minimize the burden on the grid and the environment. The concept of grid neutrality, where you import and export as little energy as possible, has become increasingly important. GivEnergy products create smart home energy management systems, designed to make this a reality.



GivEnergy Products

GivEnergy is a system that manages onsite renewable energy, such as solar PV, to ensure that you are paying less for your electricity. The system is configured initially to be grid neutral, with further options available to set via the GivEnergy App or Monitoring Portal. The aim is to maximize your self-consumption, which is the process of using energy generated at home to meet your electrical demand from renewable sources such as solar PV.


The GivEnergy system is also capable of charging your batteries by utilizing an off-peak or flexible energy tariff to provide additional savings through load shifting. Load shifting is where we store energy in your battery at a cheaper rate (usually at night) and discharge through the day where it would be expensive to import from the grid.


GivEnergy’s system includes an inverter, which converts DC (direct current) electricity from your solar panels (or other DC source, e.g., battery) to AC (alternating current) electricity for use with your household appliances. A Solar PV System generates electricity from the sun via your solar panels, and this energy is then converted to usable electricity in your house. The amount of energy that is generated is dependent on the time of year and weather conditions, so managing your energy consumption is very important.


Without a battery, if your energy demands are lower than the amount being generated, the excess energy will be returned to the grid. Alternatively, if your demand is higher than the amount generated, you will be purchasing energy from the grid. With a battery, GivEnergy’s Smart Home Energy Management System will always try and store any excess energy. If you need more energy than you are generating, the battery will discharge to try and meet your demand so you are not purchasing energy from the grid.


GivEnergy Products - Installed by JLF Total Solutions


GivEnergy’s system includes both a Hybrid Inverter and an AC Coupled Inverter. The Hybrid Inverter is a solar and battery inverter in one unit, while the AC Coupled Inverter is a standalone battery inverter.


To help you understand your system, GivEnergy’s Monitoring Portal gives you full control over your energy. You can customize your dashboard and display your energy data exactly how you want it on your phone, tablet, or computer. The portal includes features such as Power Flow, Home Flow, Smart Tariff, Power Graph, My Inverter, Solar Power Forecast, and Weather Integration.



In conclusion, GivEnergy’s Smart Home Energy Management System is designed to help you achieve grid neutrality, save money, and maximize your self-consumption. With the system’s inverter and battery, you can store any excess energy and discharge it to meet your energy demands when required. The Monitoring Portal gives you full control over your energy, making it easy to manage your energy consumption efficiently. With GivEnergy, you can be part of the solution to create a sustainable energy future. Contact JLF for further information.