SolarEdge Products

JLF Total Solutions is proud to offer SolarEdge Products, who manufacture top-of-the-line solar inverters. With SolarEdge, you can ensure that your solar panels are operating at maximum efficiency, so you can enjoy the benefits of a solar-powered home or business.


SolarEdge is a company that offers advanced and efficient solutions for photovoltaic (PV) systems. Traditional inverters often suffer from mismatches in power output, where one panel can affect the performance of the entire string. This is not the case with SolarEdge. Each panel in a PV system equipped with SolarEdge technology produces the maximum energy, ensuring that power losses related to mismatches are eliminated.


The SolarEdge system also offers superior safety features for both electrocution and fire risks. The SafeDC™ feature minimises electrocution risk by reducing the string voltage to 1V per panel whenever the grid is shut off or when the inverter is turned off. In addition, the SolarEdge inverters have built-in protection that is designed to mitigate the effects of some arcing faults that may pose a risk of fire.

SolarEdge technology also offers superior design flexibility, enabling efficient use of all available roof space through unprecedented design flexibility. A wide variety of string lengths is possible with no requirement for matching string lengths. With longer strings, the installer’s balance of system (BoS) costs are lowered, and the size and layout of an array is no longer defined by electrical constraints. Shaded panels do not bring down the entire string performance, and panels’ power rating, bin, and type can be mixed in multiple orientations or tilts, in the same string.


SolarEdge also offers panel-level monitoring with free, real-time remote monitoring at the panel, string, and system levels, ensuring that the installation is performing to the best of its ability at all times. The SolarEdge monitoring platform provides comprehensive analytics tracking and reports of energy yield, system uptime, performance ratio, and financial performance. Pinpointed and automatic alerts for immediate fault detection, accurate maintenance, and rapid response result in minimal and shortened onsite visits.

As part of residential PV design, it is important to account for future costs that can impact the return on investment of a homeowner’s PV system. The SolarEdge DC optimised inverter solution effectively minimises these potential costs by allowing panels of different power classes and brands in the same string. New power optimisers and panels can be utilised in the same string with older models.


SolarEdge products are built for long-term performance, with industry-leading warranties of 25 years for smart panel performance and 15 years for the smart panel, 25 years for power optimisers, 12 years for inverters, and free monitoring for 25 years.

In summary, SolarEdge technology is designed to eliminate the mismatches in power output in a PV system, and ensure that each panel produces the maximum energy. The system offers superior safety features for both electrocution and fire risks, superior design flexibility, and panel-level monitoring, as well as a long-term performance with industry-leading warranties. Homeowners can enjoy more energy, more revenue, more savings on their electricity bill, and more aesthetic rooftops with SolarEdge. Get in touch with JLF Total Solutions to discuss your requirements.

SolarEdge System installed across Kent and Medway by JLF Total Solutions