Solar Energy Battery Storage

Getting the Best Return from Your Investment

Go back a decade or so, and the Feed-in Tariff (the amount the government would pay you) rate was attractive, so it made sense to export electricity generated at home to the National Grid. However, with rocketing electricity prices and a hugely reduced government tariff (now available as the smart export guarantee/the export tariff), combined with improved battery performance, it is now more attractive to invest in a solar energy battery storage system.


Solar energy battery storage systems are used to store excess power generated from your solar panels. This power is then used to run your house during the night or to supplement power during high-usage peaks. The length of time you can run on battery power will depend on how many battery units you have, and how much electricity is required when running TVs, lighting, dishwashers, cookers etc.


Batteries come in different sizes and capacities from a range of manufacturers. Will will match your requirements to the best product for the job to provide a solar solution that works for you.

Growatt Solar energy system installed by JLF Total Solutions
Fox and Mira Solar energy installation
Fox solar energy system installation in garage
Fox Solar Products - fitted across Medway, Gravesend, Dartford, Swale and Maidstone.

Charging from your mains may sound counter-intuitive, however some electricity companies offer a cheap night time rate, which can be used to charge your batteries through the night. This ‘cheap’ power can then be used during the day, thus reducing your usage of electricity at the higher day-rate.



Retro Fitting

Batteries can be installed as part of the whole installation with a hybrid inverter or as a retro fit option for existing installations using an AC coupled inverter. All battery storage brands have the capability of adding addition batteries if needed. 

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